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30 Jul 2008

Stopover Helsinki

I decided to fly Finnair for my trip to China this time. The reason? Exactly, a very low price.
I wasn't sure what to expect. But being a hidden fan of Finnland, I knew it was going to be alright at least. And things went really smooth, clean and safe airplanes, nice stewardesses and good food. I really mean it: good food onboard.
As you could expect, there is a catch to a good price: In this case it is time. First, I flew from Amsterdam to Helsinki (2:30 h) and then I had to stopover for 5 hours. Yes, you read it: FIVE hours. It seemed to me like a way to compensate for the cheap ticket price: Finnair gets all the returning Asians and tourists from all spots in Europe to stopover at Helsiniki Vantaa Airport. There, whether it be frustration, interest or the idea of having saved money on the plane ticket, everyone buys these beautiful and expensive Finnish design products from Ittala or Marimekko.
I decided to not to and took the bus to the city centre to have a walk in one of the most beautiful capital cities of Europe.

24 Jun 2008

Job-Ad: Looking for English Teachers in Wuhan, China


- No ideal job after graduation? Want a chance to experience old oriental culture? Welcome to Hubei University of Technology!

- If you are an English native speaker with a Bachelor Degree, easygoing, and would like to be an English teacher in China, then contact us.


Hubei University of Technology,Wuhan, Hubei Province


RMB 4000-5000 (Average monthly income in Wuhan is 2000-3000 RMB)

Expected starting time:




Email: jasonhong2003@126.com

Website: http://www.hbut.edu.cn

23 Jun 2008

Eyes on Leiden

Some impressions from the beautiful and nice Dutch city of Leiden:

A nice restaurant, close to the Singel

One of the remaining city gates

Leiden celebrating 3 October, the day Leiden defeated the Spanish invaders a couple of hundred of years ago.

One of the churches, seen from the castle of Leiden

Watertransportation in Leiden, a nice way to get around all the lovely canals

Street scene

The church in the pedestrian (Harlemmererstraat)

Statue of mayor van der Werff in the same park

Antje, a homeless person of Leiden (picture taken during an exhibition at the local paper Leidsch Dagblad)

Another church in Leiden


University of Leiden (Huizinga Building)

View of the Breetstraat with city hall in the background

Leiden during the winter

A joint in Leiden

Supermarket in Leiden

Leiden Central Station

Restaurant in Leiden

"Two generations on one bench"

Holland is beaten - Chaos in Germany's top news magazine

The unexpected happened: The top team in the beginning of the European Football Championship, the amazing Oranjes, are kicked out. This fact let to a lot of unhappy reactions in the country of cheese and wooden shoes. It feels like a whole new industry, the 'oranje fewer', vanished overnight. Cities are slowly peeling of their charming orange peel and showing their real face again.

But not only the Netherlands have difficulties to deal with this unexpected situation. One of Germany's most renowned news magazines of the ARD, "Tagesthemen", was not able to deal appropriately with the great revival of Germany's football diligence: This lead to the quaint mistake shown in the video below:

The news-team put a wrong German flag next to the Turkish flag. Even though the colours are chosen correctly the order is a product of creativity: RED - BLACK - GOLD.

19 Jun 2008

Auch Holland kann sich dem SCHLAND-Fieber nicht entziehen

Ein immer größer Teil der Bevölkerung unseres Nachbarn Niederlande wird sich eines bewusst: Auch Deutschland spielt einen hervorragenden Fußball. Auch die Unterstützung der "Mannsjaft" entwickelt sich langsam zu einer Tugend. Alles mit dem Ziel im Finale den legendären Kampf Deutschland - Niederlande zu erleben. Bis dahin müßen wir uns gegenseitig die Daumen drücken, Deuschland für Oranje und Oranje für die "Mannsjaft". Im Finale trennt sich dann die Spreu vom Weizen, und jeder kann wieder die Daumen für sein Team drücken!
Aber heute feiern wir alle gemeinsam den tollen 3 : 2 Sieg gegen Portugal! Danke Schweine, danke Klose und danke Ballack!

"Das sind Ösis, die sind so..."

Die EM sucht den Superstar, sicherlich nicht nur auf dem glitschigen Rasen, sondern auch und gerade daneben. Das ZDF (im Moment dürfen sie ja noch...) hat hier einen sehr potenten Kandidaten gefunden, der es gewiss auch wegen seiner exorbitanten Sprachkenntnisse noch sehr weit bringen wird...Schaut's eich an!

Sky of the day!

Look here: One great speciality of Holland are its beautiful clouds that make an amazing sight of any sky...

There's no German for "blowjob"...!?!

please have a look at this video. The interesting part comes at the end....haha

This video shows Michael O’Leary (Founder of Ryanair) during a press conference in Germany, talking about the new plans of his airline to offer long-haul flights accross the Atlantic.

17 Jun 2008

Grapje, hoor!

Twee leuke grappen performed by Max:

Vier mannen onder de douche:

Auf Deutsch: Man sieht den Handrücken: "4 Männer unter der Dusche". Er dreht die Hand um: "Wieviele Männer unter der Dusche?". Ich: "4". Er: "Neeeeee, 5 einer hebt gerade die Seife auf..."

Problemen met de bus chauffeur:

Auf Deutsch: "Herr Busfahrer, Herr Busfahrer, können Sie bitte die Türe aufmachen..."

Students: Be aware!

Some safety tips for students from Leiden University on how to prevent burglars from stealing their valuable laptops. A co-production of Leiden University, SLS Wonen, and the local police authorities.

Did anyone notice the "well-done" casting job for the role of offender and victim? (Some sources even argue one of the burglars might be German, but this would go to far in this context...)

15 Jun 2008


Schüzze: „Des schmeckt jo no nix, was habt ich denn da dran gemacht?"

10 Jun 2008

Fischers Fritze